5 Must-Haves for Every Writer to Relax While Writing at Home

Whether you are a full-time writer or if a global pandemic has forced you to work from home, the amount of people writing from home is increasing. Typically, when one is typing away on a keyboard (or typewriter if that is your mood) all day, they might find themselves needing a reprieve. However, you want to ensure that you have the best of the best and who else to trust other than Amazon.com? Amazon has provided me with so many such great products that I must share with you, but I have narrowed it down to the top five must-haves for every writer to relax while writing at home.

1. Migraine Stick: We all can get writer’s block and this can lead to tension in the form of a headache. The Migraine Stick provides you with quick relief. Plus, it is simple to use, just roll on and let the peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils do the rest. With high ratings, you can feel confident that you are getting the best. You should not worry about headaches, you should focus on what you do best, write.

2. Oil Diffuser: If you want to take the oils to another level, then invest in an oil diffuser. This is something you can have set up all day to provide continuous relaxing aromatherapy throughout your day. As you crank out pages of your newest murder mystery novel, you can breathe in oil blends to help you stay serene. This model also comes with a light show and remote. Who knew relaxing could be as easy as breathing? So, calm yourself so that you can meet the deadline for your next chapter.

3. Aromatherapy Oils: Now that you know about the oil diffuser, now get set up with the oils. Amazon has the best oil ready for buyers. These oils all have different benefits and can be combined. You can feel like a fragrance connoisseur or a mad scientist while you mix your blends. Maybe even getting in the mindset of a mad scientist will spark some character development in your work. My favorite is peppermint with a little lavender, but if you are new to oils, then this set is perfect! Eight different oils come with this set, so go wild with the blending.

4. Echo Dot: Now that we have focused a lot on oils and aromatherapy, let us now talk about the benefits of Amazon’s Echo Dot. The Echo Dot can play you relaxing music while you write your romantic stories or intense heavy metal while you write an angry letter to your ex. Even if music is not your go-to while writing, I have found that the white noise is also great background noise. Also, you have options when it comes to the color of the Echo Dot. Pick the one that matches your aesthetic. On the other hand, if you just need a break, you can ask your Echo Dot about the weather or even have it tell you a joke. Also, this is the 3rd edition, which is slightly discounted right now. This is a must-have!

5. Neck Massager: Hours and hours are spent looking at your computer screen and let us be honest, you probably slouch as well, it is okay, we all do it. There is no time to book a trip to the spa when you are working on your soon to be a best-seller book! So, Amazon has come in for the save again. There are three speeds and EIGHT deep-kneading massage rollers with this model. Do not let a sore neck keep you from writing the article that will be your big break. A neck massager is a perfect way to relax and unwind, no spa needed.

Now you have the tools to help you take time for yourself while writing at home. Remember, you have to care of yourself first. Writing can take a lot out of you and you must find ways to relax. These items are essential for writing at home. Of course, you could try to have this set up at your local coffee shop, but it will probably come with a lot of judgmental looks, so just stick to using them at home. Just apply some migraine stick, turn on your oil diffuser, tell your Echo Dot to play spa music, and turn your neck massager on. You will be relaxed and ready to take on the writing world in no time.

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