Broken Promise

+heart Poem


We knew from the start, that we could end up in parts.

In the end, there could be scars and shattered hearts.

I took the risk because you were worth it.

I risked it all and in the end, you just sat back and watched me fall.

Yes, we both had a past and this love was something new and raw.

The late nights, long texts, and corny love notes… don’t mean a thing.

I can’t help but feel you cheated me.

A love I held so dearly to me.

You said we changed and now all that remains is a broken promise.

I gave it my all and yes, I admit I am far from perfect.

But you fucked me up and left me in a rut.

I still think of you today and wonder “what if”?

Just what if our love never went away?

Oh, just so you know, I will not stay down.

I will get off the ground and hide my tears.

I hope you are happy in all you do, we may have moved on, but I will always remember that…

You broke me.

I was broken just like all that you promised.

Could you look at me or even say sorry?

Broken promise…and a shattered heart.

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