Celebrating Black History Month Does Not Take Away from Your Pride

February is Black History Month, hopefully, you know that and are not living under a rock. Me, as a very pale white man, always shows support during the month. Do I have to? No. Do I want to? Yes, duh. This does not mean I am anti-white or I ”hate my people”. Celebrating Black History Month DOES NOT take away from your pride, promise.

Growing up, I lived in two small towns that were both full of small-minded residence. Cutting the bull shit, there are a lot of racists in the towns. Ew, I know. I was always taught that America is a melting pot, not a salad. We are made up of many cultures and shades of skin, but we melt together to make one (or at least that is the goal) perfect meal. We are not a salad in that you can not just pick out parts you do not want and toss them to the side, that is rude. We are blended and makeup America.

Part of celebrating Black History Month is celebrating crucial black figures that have helped advance the culture and the country. So let me drop some facts. Glad that we have traffic lights to help avoid chaos on the roads? Thank Garrett Morgan for that! If you are anything like me, you love peanut butter! If so, thank Goerge Washington Carver. Do you have a home security system? If so, next time you set the alarm, thank Marie Van Brittan Brown. These inventors provided everyone with a key component of life. Therefore, they are celebrated during Black History Month.

If I hear "wHeRE iS WHiTe HiStOry moNtH?" one more time, I will throat punch someone (not really, violent is not the answer). WE DO NOT NEED WHITE HISTORY MONTH! Why? Because white people get plenty of history time. Think back to your school days, for every black history lessons, there were five white lessons. One main goal of having celebrations is to celebrate a group of people that have suffered and fought to be celebrated. The most white people fought for in the past was to end other races besides their own.

Now to the biggest point, I want to make. If you are not black and join in celebrating Black History Month (or really any other minority group celebration) this does not mean you are "turning your back on your race". If anything it is showing that your race is strong and willing to stand united with another race. Again, this is the goal of America, to be apart of the melting pot. If you go to a birthday party, it does not mean that your birthday is not as important to you. We can celebrate multiple things and still include what we hold dear and near to our hearts.

If you read this and you rolled your eyes and cussed me out under your breath, that is fine, be you, racist. If you read this and are now looking at things in a different light, yay! You get it, we should all be one! You can have pride in your skin color and still stand up and celebrate others. At the end of the day, there is no harm or hate to be had. Is that not the goal? We want to live together in peace, so why reject other races?

If you are ready to join the celebration, here are ways you can. Let us support and be supported. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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