I Miss Traveling

Blame Rona. Since Covid-19, travel has been taken away from us, rude. For me, I REALLY miss it. I have not had the opportunities of being able to travel frequently and now I am super limited. Just a walk down the Target isles now feels like a scene from a zombie flick. Of course, there are several things I miss from pre-Covid times, but most of all I miss traveling.

Dolly kept it 100% with writing 9 to 5. Work can be draining! Hince why companies offer employees vacation days. Well, guess what!? No vacations are to be had. The struggle is real. Plus, I was forced to take time off to not lose some time off. I would have much rather had spent my time off on the beach with a drink in hand, not travel from one side of the sofa to the other. Props to all streaming services for saving a fraction of my sanity.

What do I miss the most? CRUISING! My husband and I try to take a cruise every other year, but yet again Rona had ruined this for both of us (along with many others). I mean just look at this footage I took in Labadee, Hati on our trip in 2018. Which feels like it was 40 years ago. That destination was the first place I laid eyes on mountains in real life, I cried. I know, I need to get out more. I would, but again...Rona.

Speaking of needing to get out more, 2020 was the year that I was due to finally see NYC. I have always wanted to visit the big apple and get to ride on an airplane. (Again, I know, need to get out more.) I spent hours looking for the best hotel and started to map out the sites I wanted to visit. I was ready to take in the city lights and pet rats, but it was pushed back and push back again. One day I shall make it to NYC and live my best Gossip Girl fantasy- XOXO Steven Rice.

Even local traveling was stripped away from us! In June of last year, my husband and I were set to go see one of my favorites life, Melanie Martinez. Yet, the show was canceled. It would have been only the 5th concert I have attended in my 27 years of life. (Yeah yeah, get out more.) I wanted to sing along and appreciate the costume changes, but nope. Instead, I traveled to the kiddie pool we put up in our backyard. Yes, we wanted a pool, but not an adult one, do not judge us.

DO NOT get me started on possible birthday travels! Okay, you twisted my arm, I will talk about it. Backstory time. My husband was on a work assignment in Florida in March of 2020. I was in North Carolina. The first week he was gone happened to fall on my birthday! Plus, it was the same week that lockdown took place. So, I ate cheesecake with my dogs (okay I ate the dessert, they stared at me with judgment/wanting a bite). Lucky for me, the following week I got to reunite with my husband, yay.

Back to the topic of work. Like most working adults, I have had to do a copious amount of work from home days. At first, I was happy. Saving on gas, not having to eat out for lunch, and sweat pants. After about 2 months, I made friends with the neighborhood birds. Not to fret, this will only last a short period of time. Oh wait, it has been nearly a year. The drive into work was my time to catch up on podcasts or offer a show-stopping performance in my car.

Now, I know I need to stop complaining so much. We are still in a pandemic and we all find ourselves trying to navigate the "new" way of life. Yes, I miss traveling, but I also want everyone to stay safe. So for now even if the only traveling you do is to your sink to wash your hands, please do so. We need to unite and come together to ensure the safety of the world. Wear your mask, clean everything, and stay home. We can all celebrate with a kick-ass vacation once Rona takes a permanent leave of absence.

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