Still Support Black Lives

Happy Black History Month! Last year I posted about how celebrating this month does not take away from one's pride. This year I wanted to share something that a follower sent to me at the start of this year.

It is important to point out that the BLM movement was booming a few years ago, but due to COVID-19 and other world events, the light has started to fade and progress is dwindling. The support is still needed! One way that you can support is to shop black-owned businesses. Follow this link to find a article with a list of 181 places to shop!


Not in the shopping mood? That is fine! You can donate and still help support. For years I have been including a link in my podcast show notes, created with tons of places that you can donate to support black lives. Check out the link here.


Now, if you do not have money to spare, you can always share. Share this post! Post on your platforms to get the word out.

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